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A Typical Day



Because young children have no real understanding of time it's important to have a routine that enables them to know what they will be doing next. 



A typical day begins with a 'free-play' period when the children arrive so staff can be available to greet them and their parents or carers. During this time we offer the children breakfast.


This is followed by 'circle time' where children can "show and tell", explore new items or topics, listen to stories or maybe sing some songs. After 'circle time' the children are allowed to choose from a range of activities that have been carefully planned and set up to meet the children's individual needs and interests. During this time staff will obsrve the children and make written observations to add to the child's individual progress folder. The babies and toddlers both have garden time before lunch.


The morning session is finished by having lunch together prepared on site by our cook.



In the afternoon the younger children may have a sleep if their routine needs one. They then have a drink and snack before going in the garden. The older children have their garden time after lunch and have access to a range of activities planned for the garden.


We then have a light tea which is followed by a story time and free play. The parents arrive to collect their children and the staff are available to speak to parents and tell them about their child's day.


The baby room has a similar routine in terms of basic meal times but these are adapted to meet the needs of the individual babies. The routine is adapted to meet the babies sleep and feeding patterns.


We often take the children out on local trips to the park, shops and library. However, there are times when we will organise group trips to the museum,fire station, farm and will ask for parents to come along with us.


We believe that our routines should be flexible so that we can adapt to situations like hot/wet weather, special events, children's current interests so we ensure that we change our activities and plans accordingly.