Hillyfields Day Nursery

41 Harcourt Road 



SE4 2AJ 


Tel: 020 8694 1069

Email: info@hillyfieldsdaynursery.co.uk

Broadfields Day Nursery

96 Broadfields Road





Tel: 0208 697 1488


Quality childcare in a safe, loving and caring enviroment.

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What happens next?


Once you have viewed the nursery we will ask you to hand in your registration form, we will then send you an acknowledgement letter, then depending on your chosen start date we will write offering you a place and give you a date as to when your deposit should be paid by. After a deposit has been paid the Room Leader will contact you to arrange your child’s pre visits which are free of charge for the first week only, we are happy to arrange further pre visits should you child require them but full fees will be payable for these.

On your first pre visit which is usually one hour you will have a parent induction with the Nursery Manager this is so you can get to the know manager and also that lots of valuable information can be given to you. During your child’s first few weeks it is perfectly normal for them to become upset and you are welcome to call too see how your child is getting on during the day. Please be assured we will always contact parents should a child become too upset in order for you to collect them.

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